HA! My dad has a '99 Ranger, which he bought new and he has only put about 80k miles on. He loves the damn thing and nobody can figure out why. It doesn't have much power, it's terrible on gas, the ride is shit, it's loud and it smells like our (recently deceased) dog, but he loves it regardless. » 9/29/14 4:16pm Yesterday 4:16pm

I think you've missed a big point - the danger of traveling in an aircraft that small. We've all flown in Boeing/Airbus jets, but flying in a prop plane like that is a much more risky venture. At the very least you could include the price of life insurance into your cost analysis. » 9/29/14 3:08pm Yesterday 3:08pm

I spent way too much time working for TGI Fridays. I started when I was 16, as a busboy, then when I turned 18 they promised me I could become a server (but they didn't until I cut my hair, because apparently in 2004 nobody had heard of a man with long hair). Let me tell you, those people don't give a shit about you,… » 9/29/14 2:32pm Yesterday 2:32pm

I saw something on Facebook, I think my Aunt liked it and it made its way onto my feed, where this lady laid out all the shit that went down after her two year old son tried to eat one of those. It was horrifying, the kid barely survived. » 9/26/14 6:06pm Friday 6:06pm

Shit like this makes me feel so lucky. I recently developed bursitis in one of my elbows, which caused me to have a huge red lump on my elbow. I showed my boss (before diagnosis) and he said get out of this office within 15 minutes and get to a doctor. As soon as I got back to the office from the doctor's he sent me… » 9/26/14 11:22am Friday 11:22am

I'm all for the total abandonment of physical currency. I feel like if we put our minds to it we could implement a system that costs less, works better, and discourages/disallows crime and black markets. But it probably won't happen because it would involve politicians and lobbyists to be accountable for all the money… » 9/25/14 6:02pm Thursday 6:02pm